Vision and driving standards during COVID-19 pandemic

We would like to remind the public that while routine eye examinations are not currently available, opticians across the country are still available to provide advice or to arrange emergency or essential eyecare as required. Drivers should note that the DVLA states you must meet minimum eyesight standards for driving, including being able to read

PCA(O)2020(8) issued Friday 22nd May

Here you can view the latest PCA issued Friday 22nd May; PCA(O)2020(8) In addition you can view a letter to the Optometry profession from Dr Janet Pooley, Optometric Adviser, Scottish Government. 210520 COVID Letter from J Pooley

RNIB Connect radio interview with OS Chair David Quigley

From parents who’ve had their eyes poked by over-excited little ones, to DIY enthusiasts who’ve injured their eyes doing projects around the home, Scotland’s opticians are dealing with a rise in lockdown incidents by phone and video, while providing emergency and essential eyecare. Safeguarding your sight is just as important whether you are house-bound or