DL 2022 (01) : UPDATED 17 JANUARY 2022

DL 2022 (01) UPDATED 17 JANUARY 2022   Dear colleagues,   The self-isolation exemption guidance for health and social care staff has been updated. The guidance will be updated in due course on this link: Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorates   The guidance removes the need for fully vaccinated staff, identified as contacts to

Self Isolation Changes FAQs – with effect from 6th January 2022

**Updated to v2 on 6th January 2022 Further to the First Minister’s statement in parliament this afternoon regarding the changes to self isolation, please find further supporting information below. Please note, these changes are applicable from 12:01 am on 6th January 2022 Self-Isolation Changes QA – 6 January 2022 V2 5.1.22