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Historically referred to as Ophthalmic Opticians, Optometrists are trained professionals who are able to examine your eyes, give advice on visual problems, prescribe and fit glasses, contact lenses or visual aids and recognise eye disease. An Optometrist with the letters FCOptom or MCOptom after their name means that they are a Fellow or Member of the College of Optometrists and adhere to high standards of clinical practice. It's a mark of quality.

Ophthalmic Medical Practitioner (OMP)

OMPs are medical doctors specialising in eye care. Like Optometrists, they examine eyes, diagnose abnormalities and prescribe suitable corrective lenses.

Dispensing Optician (DO)

These are trained members of the healthcare profession who advise on, fit and supply the most appropriate spectacles, after taking account of each patient's lifestyle and needs.


These specialise in eye disease and its treatment. Medically qualified, they work mainly in eye hospitals and hospital eye departments.


Orthoptists work with Ophthalmologists, assessing squints, double vision and other abnormalities of binocular vision prior to treatment and are then involved in monitoring the treatment's success.