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Reference Guidance Pack

Optometry Scotland have put together a Referral Guidance Pack, including a suggested Referral Guidance Protocol and a new draft Referral Form. This represents Optometry Scotland's view on direct referral following a period of consultation with colleagues in Community Optometry, Hospital Optometry and Ophthalmologists. It is expected that the SGHD will send this pack to the NHS Boards, either in this form or in a modified form. The main purpose being to encourage discussion between the HES and AOCs to help establish new direct referral lines of communication.

Cataract Referral

The Cataract Referral Form has been produced by Optometry Scotland as an aid to a universal approach to referrals for cataracts. Some Health Boards / AOCs have decided to design and use their own form, others are using a general referral form but if you find our form helpful in your area or as a private aide-mémoire for the tests you should be carrying out prior to referral, please feel free to use this form as you see fit.

The Cataract Referral Form can be changed to suit your local requirements. Any changes should be made in consultation with your local ophthalmologists and your AOC. A local decision will have been made about producing the forms and whether they are duplicate, triplicate etc.

As the form requires more information than a Primary test under GOS, a supplementary fee should be claimed under Referral Refinement. Referral should be directly to the Hospital, by post or fax, and the HES can contact the GP for further information if required.