Benefits of Joining


  • Build strong relationships with Scottish Ministers and their key advisors.
  • Build strong relationships with the Health and Finance spokespersons for each political party in Holyrood, and the relevant members of the Health and Finance Committees.
  • Mobilise Optometry Scotland members to ensure that all MSP’s are engaged to support GOS in Scotland.
  • Build a policy consensus across key stakeholders who can influence and shape future policy.
  • Advance eyecare in remote and rural areas
  • Roll out enhanced optometry led services such as Low Vision and Glaucoma shared care to further shift the balance of care

At OS, we want to give everyone the opportunity to stay in touch and have their say on the sector, so we invite you to join as an individual employed person for just £5 per month, or a self-employed locum for £10 per month.

If you are a business owner with a practice or a business providing services such as occupational optometry or domiciliary, we invite you to join either as a part-time (less than 3 days per week) or full-time (3 days per week or more) business.

Either way, we’re in touch with you and able to give you the full benefits of OS membership and communications.