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Sam Watson is the new Chair of Optometry Scotland

Optometry Scotland announced that Sam Watson will become the new Chair following the AGM on 3 May 2012. 

Peter Carson, stepping down said, "I'd like to thank everyone on the OS council for their continued support during my tenure especially for all the work we have achieved together over the past two years. Maintaining the GOS contract and the continued development of the IT link has been a particular highlight for me. OS will continue to focus and develop these issues in the future under Sam Watson's term of office."

Sam Watson, a Boots Optometrist has held the position of Vice Chair for the past two years, said "I'd like to give a huge thank you to Peter for his great work in the last two years. I am looking forward to working with new Vice Chair and what we will be able to achieve together as a team. Optometry in Scotland is recognised as a vital part of the NHS. With the new IT link developing and coming into force as well as the public health links with optometry being developed, we have a lot of changes to look forward to within our profession. Ensuring that the importance of eye health is recognised at every life stage will continue to be a key area for us going forward."

Sam added, "I am delighted to be the new Chair of Optometry Scotland and taking the profession to the next level with the team at Optometry Scotland. It is a challenge I eagerly anticipate."