Newly qualified Optometrists seeking competency certificate

Optometry Scotland Proposals to Health Boards regarding Listing for a Pre-Reg Optometrist to Fully Qualified Optometrist

A guide proposed for Optometrists/Health Boards to follow to allow the process to run smoothly:

1.  You can click this link to apply for PVG – Apply for PVG

2. Apply to all relevant Health Boards that you intend to work in

3. OSCEs have been sat and hopefully passed. When you have received the pass letter from the College of Optometrists, you are ready to apply for your competency certificate – required to practice in Scotland. Follow the application process by clicking the link above, or below. You will be required to scan and email your pass letter to the NES Optometry team – NES will aim to issue your certificate and advise the relevant health board as quickly as possible following receipt of the correct documentation (Application and Pass Letter).

You can apply here – GOS Competency certificate application

4. Use the documentation enclosed with the College pass letter to apply for your GOC registration once you are certain that you have correctly applied from your competency certificate.

5. Until your individual GOC number appears, you can continue to conduct eye examinations under supervision. If you have applied for your GOC number and not the competency certificate then you might not be able to complete your listing and/or conduct NHS eye examinations. You are advised not to complete your GOC registration application until your competency certificate is processed.

6. Your GOC number appears on the web site and you are now qualified to conduct NHS eye examinations in your own right as long as this is once confirmed with the Health Boards who should now possess your listing application, PVG certificate and Competency Certificate.

7. The Health Board now has all it needs to include you on their list. The Health Board can authorise an optometrist to conduct NHS eye examinations but not make any submissions until the list number has been produced.

To Confirm:

Health Board Listing Application
PVG application
Competency Certificate application as above (applied for as soon as OSCEs passed and letter receive/sent)
GOC number available on GOC web site (visible to Health Board immediately)