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Statistics in Scotland 2022/23


72.3% of claims were for regular eye examinations (primary eye examinations). The others were for emergency, additional or follow-up care (supplementary eye examinations).            

Community Eyecare

In 2022/23 approximately 2.26 million eye examinations were undertaken in Scotland, an increase of 2.4% compared to 2021/22.

Keeping patients in the community

Most patients receiving an eye examination were managed within primary care optometry and not referred for further investigation (93.1%)

Supplementary Exams

The most common reason for a supplementary examination was ‘Unscheduled Appointments’ (37.4%).                                            

Domiciliary Visits

In 2022/23, over 55,000 domiciliary visits were undertaken, the highest reported figure.

Common clinical conditions

Clinical conditions were recorded during the eye examination. Cataracts was the most common of all the recorded clinical conditions.

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