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Eye Care Services in Scotland



Statistics at a glance

Primary eye care in Scotland provides more than 2.5 million appointments each year, including sight tests, enhanced eye care services and contact lens care appointments

Secondary care provides 446,000 appointments each year 


Scotland is the only country in the UK to provide NHS-funded eye examinations to all UK residents. The NHS provides universal access to this primary eye care service as part of General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) Scotland.

Optometrists in Scotland provide a range of NHS-funded eye care, but these services fall into three main groups. The GOS primary eye examination (PEE), supplementary eye examination (SEE) and enhanced supplementary eye examination (ESEE). These eye examinations are available nationally and enable patients with routine, chronic or emergency eye conditions to access an NHS-funded primary eye care service and be cared for locally and appropriately triaged.


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