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Update - CPD Claim Guidance

Practitioner Services Update - 17th November 2023 

November is the last month for claims to be submitted for the CPD payment.  Here is the most up to date information on how to submit your claim correctly and when to expect payment:


There are 2 mailboxes in operation for CPD claims processing:

1. – this is the automatic mail box which runs a robotic process and where the claim forms should be sent, the sole purpose of this mailbox is to check the forms for completion therefore if you submit anything else, the robot will automatically send a rejection e-mail.
2. – if you require to correspond with one of the team about your claim, or if you have previously sent messages/questions to the above mailbox and had rejection emails, please send your questions with your details to this mail box and one of the team will respond/resolve.

4 weeks timeline for payment

We have encountered some initial technical issues with the automated inbox. These are now resolved but unfortunately, as a result, a number of claims have taken longer than our original timeframe of 4 weeks to process. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you. If you have received a notification of a successful claim, your claim will be prepared for payment and will be included in the upcoming payment run. A payment communication will follow in due course once the payment has been made.


Practitioner Services have provided guidance and a flowchart to support the submission of CPD claims.  Could we draw your attention to the start of the process indicating that forms must be completed using Adobe Reader, as this will guide you with the mandatory fields and validations required.

Please do not send a jpeg/photo attachment as these will be rejected when the system checks run, the PDF is required for the system to read. 

Updated  - CPD Guidance (19th October 2023)

The change to guidance is - 

If you do not have a personal NHS email and cannot get access to a practice NHS email account then you can still submit your application from a ‘standard’ email address (i.e. Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc), but you need to be aware that in choosing to do so you are accepting the risk that the data will be sent to us ‘open’ (i.e. unencrypted - without the protection that comes with sending it from an ‘NHS’ address). 

CPD Guidance Flowchart

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