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CPD Claim Guidance

Practitioner Services have provided guidance and a flowchart to support the submission of CPD claims.  Could we draw your attention to the start of the process indicating that forms must be completed using Adobe Reader, as this will guide you with the mandatory fields and validations required.

Please do not send a jpeg/photo attachment as these will be rejected when the system checks run, the PDF is required for the system to read. 

Updated  - CPD Guidance (19th October 2023)

The change to guidance is - 

If you do not have a personal NHS email and cannot get access to a practice NHS email account then you can still submit your application from a ‘standard’ email address (i.e. Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc), but you need to be aware that in choosing to do so you are accepting the risk that the data will be sent to us ‘open’ (i.e. unencrypted - without the protection that comes with sending it from an ‘NHS’ address). 

CPD Guidance Flowchart

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