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Important message from your OS Team

Please continue sending us case studies and testimonials highlighting the great work being undertaken in your community.

Many thanks to everybody who has shared valuable statistics on patients requiring routine support, emergency and essential care.  This information will be shared with the Scottish Government as we appraise the valuable work provided by community eyecare in support of key workers, primary and secondary care colleagues. We have now stopped gathering weekly figures – thank you. Local health boards may be in touch shortly to gather further information.

In the meantime please continue to send us case studies and any questions you’d like to ask your OS team:

Moving forward

As we begin the slow and steady return to day to day practice and new ways of working, we continue to meet the Scottish Government objective outlined in PCA(O)2020(4):

“community eye care will continue to support other primary and secondary care colleagues by managing persons requiring emergency and essential eyecare”

The First Minister has confirmed the extension of the lockdown in Scotland and during this time your OS Team will continue to liaise with government colleagues, professional bodies and our contacts across the four nations in creating the structure for a safe and managed return to the new standards and systems that will form our new working environment.  As always, the wellbeing of workers and patients will remain the overriding priority as we seek the most effective ways of continuing to deliver world class eyecare.

We will continue to update you as best we can in this ever-changing environment.

Thank you for your ongoing work and invaluable support.

Stay well, stay safe and stay in touch.

OS Team




Optometry Services in Scotland

Community Eyecare

Community eyecare saved the NHS £71million in 2016/17

Primary Examinations

1.8 million primary eye examinations completed in Scotland in 2016/17

Supplementary Exams

471,000 supplementary eye exams were carried out in 2016/17 (300% increase since pre-2006)

Issues Managed

Over 1 million eye issues managed as part of a primary eye examination in 2016/17

Eye Emergencies

Over 66% of supplementary eye exams carried out in the community are related to eye emergencies


Over 80% of eye emergencies were retained in the community setting in 2016/17, Vs 35% pre-General Ophthalmic Services (GOS)

Community Optometry

Community optometry stops over 370,000 people from attending hospital for eye issues per year

Acute Conditions

Over 80% of acute eye conditions were managed by optometrists in 2016/17, Vs 25% pre-GOS

'Advancing World Class Eye Care in Scotland'