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Optometry Services in Scotland

Community Eyecare

Community eyecare saved the NHS £71million in 2016/17

Primary Examinations

1.8 million primary eye examinations completed in Scotland in 2016/17

Supplementary Exams

471,000 supplementary eye exams were carried out in 2016/17 (300% increase since pre-2006)

Issues Managed

Over 1 million eye issues managed as part of a primary eye examination in 2016/17

Eye Emergencies

Over 66% of supplementary eye exams carried out in the community are related to eye emergencies


Over 80% of eye emergencies were retained in the community setting in 2016/17, Vs 35% pre-General Ophthalmic Services (GOS)

Community Optometry

Community optometry stops over 370,000 people from attending hospital for eye issues per year

Acute Conditions

Over 80% of acute eye conditions were managed by optometrists in 2016/17, Vs 25% pre-GOS

'Advancing World Class Eye Care in Scotland'